miercuri, 20 iunie 2012

KARA’s perfume ‘KARA 5 Jewel’ being sold in over 1,200 stores in Japan

Girl group KARA‘s signature perfume ‘KARA 5 Jewel (K5J)‘ officially began its off-line sale in stores across Japan on June 18th.
‘K5J’ is being sold at over 1,200 shops in Japan, including 750 stores of major Japanese record company ‘TSUTAYA‘ as well as at major cosmetic multi-shop ‘Tokyo Komachi‘.
This is the first perfume KARA has released with their name on the line, and will now be sold in 8 different Asian countries. As of June 18th, K5J also went on sale in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore through major online beauty corporation ZALORA, and will also begin selling in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and more beginning this July.
KARA’s agency DSP Media had teamed up with premium lifestyle brand 3CY to create the perfume in Paris. The girls are reported to have actively participated in creating the perfume, visiting the factory themselves.
The girls remarked, “We are glad more fans overseas will be able to have access to our perfume, which was created as a way for us to thank the fans for their unending support.

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