marți, 3 ianuarie 2012

Is IU on Pil Sook’s diet? She’s extremely skinny!

As IU’s extremely skinny figure is becoming an issue, the diet of her character Kim Pil Sook from Dream High is also drawing attention.
In KBS 2’s drama series Dream High which broadcasted last year, IU played the character Kim Pil Sook. Pil Sook appeared overweight at the beginning of the series, but soon lost 30 kg in 200 days by changing her eating habits and exercising.
Pil Sook’s diet includes following rules: Eat like a queen in the morning, like a regular person in the afternoon, then like a beggar in the evening. The purpose of eating like a queen for breakfast is to keep one from eating any snacks after the meal. In addition, it also helps one to take in as much essential nutrients as possible which cannot be found during lunch and dinner.
If you are on this diet, you need to eat a salad made of vegetables and meat inside a razor clam, a half of an apple, and an egg for lunch. For dinner, reduce the amount of food to the least by eating only a half portion of a sweet potato and a yogurt.
Netizens who saw IU’s thin figure comment: “I hope she’s not on that Pil Sook’s diet.” “She’s way too skinny.” “Oh my God, please eat some food, IU.” “Look at the dignity she has for wearing the size XXS.”

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