marți, 26 iulie 2016


T.O.P of South Korean boy group Big Bang will participate in an art charity auction organized by one of the world’s largest brokers of collectibles, the singer’s agency said on Monday.
Big Bang’s rapper will present a series of art collections labeled “#TTTOP,” curated by the singer himself, on Oct. 3 in Hong Kong, his agency YG Entertainment said in a press release. The charity auction event will be hosted by New York-based multinational auction operator Sotheby’s. The occasion marks Sotheby’s first collaboration with a young Asian celebrity, YG Entertainment added. The project title comes from the 29-year-old singer’s own Instagram address.
Known for his passion for art of various kinds, T.O.P has spent a year preparing for the charity auction with Sotheby’s.
“This event will be closer to a donation project, and not the usual kind of auction where art collectors display their collections to the crowd and sell them,” said an official at the agency. “Sotheby’s will donate part of the profits and T.O.P will participate without guaranteed payment.”
Part of the profits from the T.O.P-Sotheby’s auction will be delivered to “The Asian Cultural Council,” a non-profit foundation engaged in fostering economically struggling young art talents in Asia.
“I hope the event will help provide a stable workplace for the young, financially struggling artists,” T.O.P said in the press release, vowing to continue engaging himself in charity work in the future.

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