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The interview is with Tobias Knubel who is Unit of Production Manager for “OUT OF CONTROL”.
“One stunt follows another”
Filming at the future A30 motorway for “Out Of Control” continues until this Friday. The production team of Action Concept already attracted curious looks when filming in February (photo by Malte Samtenschnieder).
Bad Oeyenhausen/Löhne (WB). Filming for the new German-Chinese movie with the working title “Out Of Control” continues with action scenes on the future A30 motorway during Bad Oeyenhause and Löhne. Unit Production Manager Tobias Knubel (41) is one of the most important people of the production team of Action Concept. He describes his tasks in a conversation with publisher Malte Samtenschnieder.
What is tempting you to part of the production for “Out of Control”?Tobias Knubel: This movie is elaborate. Here one action scene is followed by the next. Hence the preparation were comprehensive. It is fun to help and overcome and cope with new challenges like the preparation for stunts and the needed camera techniques to produce beautiful pictures in the end.
What are your main task as Unit Production Manager?
Knubel: After the financing for the movie was finalized I had create a budget and plan the procedure for the full filming. Here I worked closely with the unit manager and director assistant. In short, I close contracts, pay bills and adjust daily filming when challenges arise.
Did you have to solve any unexpected problems during filming of “Out of Control” so far?
Knubel: Luckily we did not face any sudden illnesses but the weather was challenging us. You already reported that due to heavy rain we had to postpone filming in Bad Oeyenhausen in February. However, in return we then had four days of great weather.
Did you face further postponements during filming?
Knubel: One scene in Cologne also had to be moved by two weeks due to bad weather. I am very proud this works out well. Because next to our filming team of 110 people another 150 extras were involved. To move something like this is quite elaborate.
How does a normal filming day look like for you?
Knubel: Most of the time I have to organize things in the office. In Bad Oeyenhausen this is based in our hotel. However normally I am visiting the set at least 3 times a day. Generally new challenges arise and they need to be solved without further due through unofficial channels.
Were you involved in selecting the future A30 between Bad Oeynhausen and Löhne as filming location?
Knubel: Yes. I am on the production team since November and was one of the first to read the script. One of the tasks was to find a suitable motorway on which we can film for two weeks.
How did you find the not yet opened motorway between Bad Oeynhausen and Löhne?
Knubel: “Straßen NRW” (a local government agency for the streets of NRW a district in Germany) helped us. In the past we have worked with them on a different production in Aachen. The responsible person passed us on to another agency. The team work with Sylke Tech, head of project for the motorway A30, and Sven Johanning, media spokesperson for Landesbetriebes Straßen NRW in Bielefeld (local responsible government agency) has been great since the start.
What has been the special future of the future motorway A30?
Knubel: The motive of this part of the motorway is huge. It has two bridges and a tunnel. We already filmed the spectacular bridge explosion scene at the end of February in Löhne. The tunnel is also partly involved in a special action scene. We have filmed scenes in the entrance and exit of the tunnel. However what is happening inside the tunnel we have filmed in Cologne. The tunnel in Bad Oeyenhausen was simply too short.
The movie “Out of Control” is specifically filmed for the Chinese market. How does this affect the procedure of filming?
Knubel: We have a Chinese female lead actress and male Korean actor (NOTE: The article actually switched the nationalities around, we have adjusted this in the translation). In addition we have a villain from the US and another villain from Germany. Which means the movie is with an international cast. While filming each actor speaks in their local mother tongue (NOTE: e.g. T.O.P | Choi Seung Hyun is filming in Korean and Cecilia Cheung is filming in Cantonese). On the set the main language is English. Before the movie is launched in the Chinese cinemas the movie will be fully subbed into Mandarin.
Before you were Unit Production Manager for “Out of Control” you took part in several episodes of the TV Series “Alarm für Cobra 11” (NOTE: A very successful German TV series known for its special stunt scenes on the Motorway). Today the new season starts with a 20th anniversary of the series – what would you like to say about that?Knubel: First I need to say that I have not worked on the new episodes but the previous season. Regardless “Alarm für Cobra 11” is a great format.
How can you compare it to “Out of Control”?
Knubel: The team of “Alarm für Cobra 11” are well attuned to one another. That’s way each day 4-5 film minutes can be filmed. We do not manage to do so for “Out of Control”. We have an average of two film minutes per day. We are taking a little more time to film for a cinema screen.
How do you explain that “Alarm für Cobra 11” has been successful for 20 years?
Knubel: Cars and action are always popular with the audience – especially men. I know from a lot of instances that Fathers are watching the TV series with their sons. Altogether “Alarm für Cobra 11” has managed to gain a large fan base which is very impressive.
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Sources: Aachener Zeitung (10th March article) and Westfalen Blatt (30th March article)
Translation via BIGBANGmusic (@_BBmusic)
(Note: BBMusic added some notes to the article with extra information or clarification where applicable. Please credit using translation.)

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