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The whole world has its eyes on BIG BANG, who has become 10-years old this year. They’ve achieved so much and come so far. Nothing would be more of a cherry on the cake in celebrating the 10th anniversary of their debut than BIG BANG releasing a new album.
On September 8 local time, CNN’s Talk Asia revealed its interview with BIG BANG. Talk Asia is a talk show that explores global leaders in various fields.
BIG BANG talked frankly about the past ten years and their plans for the future. Since the group took not only Korea but also the whole world by storm after their debut in August 2006, they had a lot to talk about.
BIG BANG revealed their ambition and said, ““We always think the future a lot. We have a lot of things to do, but like always, we will continue having fun. We want to look at the big picture and do things that we enjoy doing, and we want to set a good example for the next generation.”
Various projects have been carried out to celebrate BIG BANG’s 10th anniversary: BIG BANG’s movie “BIG BANG MADE: The Movie” hit the box office on June 30, and the 10th anniversary concert “0.TO.10” was successfully held last month. The “A TO Z” exhibition opened on August 5 and will continue until October 30.
But for the fans, there is one important thing that’s missing. BIG BANG released two singles every month from May to August last year, but they have yet to release the complete “MADE” album, which would become BIG BANG’s 3rd regular album.
BIG BANG fans have been waiting for a new album for eight years now, every since the release of BIG BANG’s 2nd regular album in 2008. They are literally screaming for a new album, and they have been patient too.
Fans want G-Dragon to “work his ass off” and finish the 3rd album with this year. At a show on Naver V App, G-Dragon said that this year is a lucky year for BIG BANG and so he will see to it that the album comes out within this year.
Releasing the 3rd album will surely round off the celebrations for BIGBANG’S 10th anniversary.
Source: OSEN via YG Life

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