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G-Dragon, the leader of BIG BANG that has recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of their debut, was born to be different and special.
G-Dragon, who has already been recognized for his special talent in music, fashion, and art, presented perfect acting in MBC TV’s “The Infinite Challenge – Mohan Company 2016” aired on September 11.
G-Dragon boasts unrivalled presence in the music scene. His influence has long been recognized, and G-Dragon is called the “celebrity of celebrities”. Jeon Yeong-ju, a fortune-teller famous in the Gangnam area, analyzed the fortune and physiognomy of G-Dragon, an artist who is never content with his status-quo and consistently expanding the scope of his career including music and fashion, to establish himself as a brand.
G-Dragon was born with the fortune of “top-notch celebrity”. His fortune is impeccable from childhood until later years in his life. Ordinary stars have one so-called “peach flower” (an energy that gives irresistible attractiveness and sex appeal) in their fortunes, but G-Dragon has three of them. In addition, he has meticulous and perfectionist personality. He was also born with unmatched talent and knows how to work hard. Just as his destiny tells, G-Dragon is known to dress himself up perfectly from head to toe before going out. Naturally, G-Dragon’s styling is widely recognized.
Nevertheless, G-Dragon is rather unlucky in love. For this year and the next year, G-Dragon’s “peach flowers” will fully blossom, but that is for love from the public rather than from his better half. Notably, his fortune for business is good from this year until the next year. Until mid-October this year, buying a building or land in Jeju Island of Korea or overseas will be very profitable for G-Dragon. After building a big fame for his music, G-Dragon is now trying new fields. However, it is now time for him to save himself, rather than pour all his energy into new attempts. G-Dragon is destined to extremely concentrate on what he is interested in, but he should be careful for such concentration this year, especially about obsession with religion.
From January to March next year, G-Dragon’s fortune will go through the period of the “punishment from the heaven”, so everything will get worse for him. During that period, G-Dragon should be especially careful about traffic accidents. From April to June, 2017, G-Dragon’s fortune will aspire toward overseas expansion, so approximately two overseas contracts would be concluded. During that period, he is destined to make a big achievement. From July to September, 2017, G-Dragon’s business will go smoothly, but he should be careful about working in partnership with someone else.
G-Dragon’s physiognomy is as good as his fortune. In physiognomy, G-Dragon has a face like a fox that has characteristics of both man and woman’s face, so he is loved by everyone. Five important points on his face are all well-structured. His ears are slightly bent backward and the tips of the ears are sharp, which indicates that G-Dragon is intelligent and kind, to be loved by everyone with good interpersonal skills. Plus, the tip of his ears is located below his eyebrows, near the end of his nose. That implies G-Dragon has a stable, cheerful, and artistic personality. His forehead is rather feminine and slightly protruding, with M-shaped hairline, indicating that G-Dragon has clear likes and dislikes and strong resolution. He is resolved and has good reasoning abilities, so he is usually not intimidated by anything. His mouth is that of a lion and that is the sign that G-Dragon is smart and well-rounded. According to physiognomy, G-Dragon would achieve big success academically as well, if he pursues academics someday.
Even though G-Dragon’s eyes are mostly covered with thick smoky makeup on the stage, he actually has narrow and drooping eyes. That kind of eyes is the sign of kind, considerate, and prudent personality, easy for others to rely on. On the other hand, those eyes also imply a narrow-sighted perspective, so G-Dragon should be careful about getting deceived by others. G-Dragon also has the eyes of “peach flowers”, so he is susceptible to loneness and it might be hard for him to maintain a serious relationship for a long period of time. His eyes suggest that he is destined to be loved by many, not by only one person. The white part of his eyes is revealed under the pupils, which indicates that G-Dragon is ambitious, tenacious, and hard-working. He is also elegant, self-confident, and uncompromising.
G-Dragon debuted at an early age and has experienced and achieved so many things, but he should now save his energy and talent for some time. He should be especially careful about obsession with religion and traffic accidents, and he has to take extra care of his well-being in the years of rooster, cow, and color white
Source: Sports Choseon via @YG Life

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