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YG Entertainment’s BIG BANG and iKON participated in Japan’s biggest summer festival “a-nation”.
On August 27, BIG BANG and iKON performed at Japan’s “a-nation” festival, which took place at the Ajinomoto Stadium in Tokyo and drove 55,000 people into a near frenzy.
iKON was the first to go up on the stage, and the group set the party mood by performing a remix version of “RHYTHM TA” and “SINO SIJAK”. Then, they performed “MY TYPE”, “#WYD”, “WHAT’S WRONG”, and “DUMB & DUMBER”, to which the audience sang along and cheered loudly.
iKON said, “It’s a honor to participate in ‘a-nation.’ We hope you all have a great time today.”
When the sun was about to set, BIG BANG appeared on the stage, headlining the festival for three years in a row. When the video was played to announce their appearance, the audience started to go wild. Then, BIG BANG appeared on the stage and sang “BANG BANG BANG” and made the audience go wild.
BIG BANG performed for more than an hour singing 12 of their hit songs including “TONIGHT”, “IF YOU”, “WE LIKE 2 PARTY”, “BAE BAE”, and “BAD BOY”. But the highlight was when the group sang “FANTASTIC BABY”. 55,000 people sang along the chorus part as if it was BIG BANG’s solo concert.
Before ending their performance, BIG BANG said, “We have received a lot of love from you at our ’MADE’ tour, 10th anniversary concerts, and here at ‘a-nation’. We hope that you’ll also come and have fun at our dome tour that will start in November.”
Meanwhile, BIG BANG’s Japan dome tour that kicked off in November last year ended in success drawing 911,000 people, which is the biggest number of audience for a foreign artist. BIG BANG also did a fan club event tour in May and 10th anniversary concerts in July. BIG BANG will go on its fourth dome tour in November, setting a new record of becoming the first foreign artist to go on a dome tour for four consecutive years.
iKON also demonstrated its popularity in Japan by drawing 146,000 people in its first arena tour this year. Also, on August 26, iKON made its first appearance in Fuji TV’s Mezamashi Live. iKON will go on its second arena tour in September, which is surprising for a rookie. iKON will hold 16 concerts in six cities starting with the concerts at the Makuhari Messe, Tokyo on September 10-11. More than 176,000 people are expected to attend iKON’s concerts.

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