marți, 27 iunie 2017

G-Dragon’s MOTTE Concert in Singapore – Day 2

Day 2 of G-Dragon’s “Act III: MOTTE 2017 World Tour” in Singapore:
[] GD: Today's my last show in SG. I don't know when I'll be back. Maybe 1.5, maybe 2 yrs..U know right? *Does the salute gesture*

[] GD: My parents are here today too. I'm really happy and I really really really enjoy the time with all of you!

[] GD: Though we may be in different countries, I believe we are always connected, just like the USB. ❤️
"There was a young boy, and he is who I am today" — G-Dragon gives VIPs his greetings! 
"My latest album is a personal project and it was heavy and is still very heavy on me" — G-Dragon 
GD said this is probably his last show here this year at least for another 2 years 😢 
"The show is over but I'll be back. You know, I know, we know, we always know" — G-Dragon 


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