vineri, 20 aprilie 2012

Jung Jun Ha on set for his wedding photo shoot

Entertainer Jung Jun Ha attended the photo shoot for his upcoming wedding.
Photographer Oh Joong Suk uploaded a picture of himself and Jung Jun Ha onto his Twitter and wrote, “I am currently taking Jun Ha hyung’s wedding pictures right now. Nemo looks so pretty and Jun Ha hyung’s face is lit up with a bright smile.
“Nemo” is the star’s nickname for his wife to be. He seems pretty excited to get married as he’s seen smiling brightly, looking dapper in a tuxedo underneath a cherry blossom tree. The couple took off to Japan, where Nemo lives in Osaka, on April 18th. It seems they decided to have the shoot there.
Followers who saw the photo commented, “You’re really getting married!“, “I really want to know what Nemo looks like“, and “I feel happy just from seeing him smile“.
Jung Jun Ha will be marrying his girlfriend of four years, a Korean-Japanese woman ten years his junior, on May 20th at Seoul’s Shilla Hotel.

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