vineri, 9 decembrie 2011

Boyfriend’s Min Woo is subjected to humiliation during the live broadcast

Boyfriend’s Min Woo got into an accident during the live broadcast.
Boyfriend came out with a new song, “I’ll Be There,” from its third digital single and appeared at the Mnet’s music show M Countdown on December 8.
It was when he was making a dance move of swinging his legs with his knees fixed on the floor that Min Woo was subjected to humiliation: his trouser leg was ripped apart. Right after the show was taken off the air, the video featuring his humiliation was rapidly circulated throughout the Internet.
People who saw the video responded: “Min Woo seems to know how to calm down himself in every condition. He is quite a professional.” “He must have danced passionately to rip his trouser.” “He is so cute.”
At the show, besides “I’ll Be There,” Boyfriend’s performance included two more songs: Sechs Kiss’s “Couple” and “Not One, But Two,” from its third single.

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